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All videos are recorded in 4k which walk you through all new features of version 2.0 as we release them.

Version 2.0.4 Features - 3/18/2018

2.0.4 Features

  • Removed auto round management. This will allow you the player to have more control and flexibility for byes, repairing, etc.
  • Updated the manual. Added more information on round management, new screen changes. Added a list of applications to view PGN files for Windows, Apple, Android and IOS
Version 2.0.3 Features - 3/9/2018

2.0.3 Bug Fixes

  • Updated [WhiteElo “”][BlackElo “”] in PGN from [WhiteELO “”][BlackELO “”]. This was causing issues with ChessX, and Hiarcs Chess Explorer for Apple Computers. Big thanks to James C. for catching this.
Version 2.0.2 Features - 3/6/2018

2.0.2 Added Features

  • Updated review games arrows – Patrick D.

2.0.2 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues with King and Queen castling through the knight and deleting the knight from the board completely. If you happen to castle through the knight it will no longer cause issues as you can now press the back button to fix the illegal move.
Version 2.0.1 Features - 2/17/2018

2.0.1 Added Features

  • User Profile is now editable – Roman K.
  • Added Time Input based on US Chess rules – Patrick D.
  • Added Time Forfeit option when ending a game – Doug D.
  • Added Notice when finishing all tournament types – Mark K.
  • Review games now list full display name – Kurt A.
  • Updated Serial Number to be the same layout as the web the site

2.0.1 Bug Fixes

  • Turned off option to export PDF for Club games – Dmitry K.
  • Fixed search options to only search for specific critera – Dmitry K.
  • Fixed backup & restore to include profile information
Version 2.0 Features - 1/20/2018

2.0 Added Features

  • Added pause timer in tournament to stop clock from running – Suggestion by Mark K.
  • Added re-export of PGN / PDF – Suggestion by Dmitry K.
  • Added search for players first / last name – Suggestion by Dmitry K.
  • Added new colors to chess board settings – Suggestion by Abdiel M.
  • Added new backup and restore feature of all games, tournaments, and board settings
  • Updated Manual on website and application added page numbers and a table of contents – Suggestion by Richard R.

2.0 Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix for signatures crashing app if not a full signature – Special thanks to Dmitry K. for finding
  • Bug Fix for rounds skipping – Special thanks to Vijay S. and Michelle R. for finding
  • Bug Fix for SSH client due to issues with authentication
  • Bug Fix for draw symbol (=) not showing up on short and long castling along with missing in PGN
  • Bug Fix for [{%egt}] not showing in PGN when you castle long and short

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