Nexus Deals

There are plenty of deals out on the web when it comes to buying used, new or refurbished Nexus 6’s. The goal is to find them at the lowest price possible. This guide will assist you. In the event we see a big deal we will send a message out through or Facebook Feed at the bottom of the page which gets updated with any news on deals or software releases.

DYI Fix It Models

If you are a DIY guy or gal, there are plenty of options available. You can buy a device with a shattered screen or broken motherboard or worse and repair it yourself. There is a great site that will walk you through repairs on your device. You can easily pick up a Nexus 6 for $30-80 dollars from eBay depending upon on how bad it’s damaged.

Super Deals

On eBay, if you find a Nexus 6 with a broken camera module or issues with GPS or NFC, these devices can be purchased for a discounted price. We were able to acquire a few for $101.72 which had a bad camera module. The camera function doesn’t matter since we disable it completely in our custom operating system. To find deals like these do a search on eBay for

DEFECTIVE Motorola Nexus 6 XT1103”.

Refurbished, New or Used Deals

There are several deals available on refurbished, new or used devices. These devices can be found on websites such as Amazon, eBay and AliExpress. If you are looking for a refurbished bulk purchase, AliExpress would be your best bet. They carry anywhere from 1-7000 units that are refurbished, which ship from China.