A new age of features.


Our software runs on the Motorola Nexus 6 and the HTC Nexus 9. With our software these devices are a chess notation dream designed with accessibility in mind!


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Google released a plethora of Nexus devices around the world. Rest assured you will always be able to find a device unlike our competitors!

ChessNoteR Marshmallow is now available and packed with features (get ready to scroll!)

  • Updates 
    • Twenty-four free updates designed with accessibility in mind since July 2017!!
    • All updates are based on customer feedback (that’s you)
  • Tournament Director / Arbiter Features
    • Replay games during tournament mode added in 2.2.0 version of ChessNoteR. Allows TD/Arbiter to see all touches on screen to see if a user is using the ChessNoteR to analyze the game which is against US Chess and FIDE Rules.
    • Full log for Tournament Directors and Arbiters to see each touch on screen to help negate cheating
  • User Profile
    • Easily update your rating as it changes for USCF, FIDE, CLUB game
  • Settings
  • ChessNoteR Update Wizard
  • Tournament management
    • Create USCF, FIDE, CLUB and ODD’s tournaments
    • Add unlimited tournaments
    • Play unlimited rounds
    • Add game time i.e. g60/d5
    • Edit or delete tournaments with a press of the finger
  • Odd’s Tournaments
    • Knight Odds, Rook Odds, Rook & Knight Odds, 2 Rook Odds, Queen Odds & Queen Side Odds
    • PGN export includes FEN position so you can go over games with chess engine
  • Tournament playing 
    • List players names and ratings on board
    • Tracks estimated game time
    • Start & Pause estimated game time
    • Record time from chess clock
    • Skip moves when in time trouble
    • Go back and fix a single move
    • Pawn promotion
    • Check, checkmate, en pasante
    • FIDE draw offer symbol (=)
    • Creation of chess game in standard PGN format
    • Creation of signed signatures of score sheet in PDF format
  • Review Games
  • Opponent management (a contact list of all opponents you have played) 
    • Automatically creates new contacts as you play them (can be turned off)
    • Manually create and edit opponents
    • Merge opponents if you have duplicates
    • Delete opponent and all games associated with opponent
    • Input US Chess and FIDE ID’s for opponents
    • See all games you have played with opponent
    • Automatically add opponent to a game you want to play
    • Automatically update their rating as you play them again and again (can be turned off)
  • PGN / PDF & Log