2.1.1/2.1.2 – Update Video Manual

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2.1.1/2.1.2 – Update Video Manual


  • Opponent Details – Will be able to input opponents USCF or FIDE ID on opponent profile.
  • Merge Opponents – Will be able to merge two or more users into one opponent name this includes all the games played between opponents.
  • Opponent Delete – Will have the ability to delete opponent and an option to delete the games you played with them.
  • Search Feature – Updated search feature for users and rounds to work better along with being more stable.
  • Tournament Time Controls – Will be able to now add time controls for tournaments you create i.e g60/d5.
  • Tournament Ratings – Will be able to turn off ratings on tournament board through settings, a nice option for younger players.
  • Tournament Timer Clock – Will be able to start clock on tournament instantly to track time once the chess clock is pushed instead of moving pieces.
  • Tournament Date Field – Date field has been removed and is now pulling from device date settings
  • Export No PGN Time – Will be able to export a PGN with out time tracking, found users having problems viewing in certain chess applications.
  • Odds – Created Odds tournaments for training weaker players (Knight Odds, Rook Odds, Rook & Knight Odds, 2 Rook Odds, Queen Odds & Queen Side Odds) full export of PGN includes FEN position setup to be able to go over games with chess engine.
  • Board Settings – Ability to make all changes to the board in one screen now with cleaner interface
  • FIDE RULE – Per the rule book users will have the ability to turn on figurine algebraic notation from the settings menu.
  • FIDE RULE – Created a log file export after every game is played with every move or take back or correction the player made during the game.
  • FIDE RULE – Arbiter Signature is no longer a mandatory field allowed skip option for the signature per the rule.
  • FIDE RULE – Time Pressure feature will have the ability to skip moves in the event of time pressure with a dash.


  • Tournament Crash – If you start a new tournament and pressed move list and then back the app crashes.
  • Dropbox upload – If a user uses a ‘/’ in a tournament name it creates sub folders, these sub folders can now upload to Dropbox.
  • Review Game Name – If you end up playing black, under the review game board your name is on top under white side of board instead of black side.
  • Strings – Fixed multiple strings with proper spelling or edited phrases through out the application to list correctly.Click to view on YouTube
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