How long does the battery last?

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It all depends on the brightness level you use during the tournament. We have seen roughly 8-15% drain during a two day tournament with G90 with a 5 second delay. During a two day G90 with a 30 second delay it was about 15-20% drain. If you are running low, the operating system will automatically activate the battery saving mode as well. One thing to note about the Motorola Nexus is it has a very large 3220mAh battery. Motorola claims you can get 6 hours of charge time in 15 minutes or 8 hours of charge time in 15 minutes with the turbo charger.

Nexus 6 Delivers 6 Hours of Battery Life With 15 Minutes of Charging: Google

if you are concerned about battery life, you can always purchase an external battery pack from places like Amazon, Wal-Mart, Best Buy or eBay.