I’m concerned that this device is a phone.

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As we all know US Chess does not allow the use of cell phones in tournament play. Based on that we simply disabled all parts of the phone which are not needed and US Chess certified our device on December 18th, 2017. Even though the device is using a Motorola Nexus 6 cell phone we have disabled all hardware not needed and software from the operating system. Here is a list of disabled hardware:

  • CDMA/GSM Cell Phone Radio
  • Camera / GPS / NFC / Bluetooth / Audio
  • Volume Control buttons are now Brightness Control buttons

In terms of software there are no applications on the device except ChessNoteЯ, a customized Settings application, and a Launcher. The system is completely locked down and secured. Developer Options and the 3rd party installer options have both been disabled. We have also added security controls so a customer will be unable to unlock the device using ‘fastboot oem unlock’. We have taken extreme measures so users cannot cheat, install 3rd party applications, or reverse engineer our application suite along with our custom Android operating system.