ChessNoteR N9 Marshmallow Bundle

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ChessNoteR Marshmallow software plus Nexus 9 device. Comes with the following:

  • Brand New - 16GB HTC Nexus 9 / Indigo Black (30 day warranty)
  • ChessNoteR Single License
  • Standard charger
  • This software also includes our newest version of the operating system Marshmallow which allows for Reviewing Games through a Wi-Fi TV or Roku device watch a live demo.

All our HTC Nexus 9 devices have been tested and verified to work properly before shipping with our software. Device prices are determined by quality based upon the following criteria:

Brand New - These devices are 10 in quality from the factory in immaculate shape!

If you would like a warranty one can be purchased through SquareTrade. If, at any time, you need to have the device battery or screen replaced this can be done through uBreakiFix.

* It is also highly recommended that you add insurance on your shipment. If you have questions please look over our Support page or Contact us directly.

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