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“I had a little time to tinker and I just wanted to let you know I find your product amazing! The combo PGN/PDF output is great. I was going through everything to see how intuitive the software is, and I really didn’t see anything that I thought out-of-place, unwieldy and/or confusing. It looks like once you complete a tournament, however, it gets erased from your list. I am assuming this is because it is no longer in progress. The games, after the fact, though, are easy enough to find. Reviewing games on the device might happen during a tournament, but I generally commit them to Chessbase as soon as I can. Having used Monroi and Plycounter over the past 10 years, I can say that those interfaces, though functional, can be a little clunky. Your software is simply usable with a dash of elegance thrown in. I also like the customizable boards, pieces, colors, etc. I’m sure you did not need me to tell you all of this, but it would be boring if I merely stated I was a satisfied customer.”

Randy H.


“My son has been using ChessNoteR for a month now at several tournaments. In the past, it was very difficult for him to notate a game perfectly, and only by using his opponents notation sheet as well were we able to painstakingly enter his games for analysis . All that has changed! He has not made a single error with ChessNoteR, and it is super quick to transfer the pgn to our computer. Plus, Black Mirror Studio is clearly dedicated to improving the product, with 3 updates in the space of 8 weeks. The graphics are so much better than the other choices (Plycounter, Monroi), and you can even customize the board color and piece selection! Plus you register your opponent’s signature at the end of the game to make it all official. This is a fabulous product!”

Sam S.


“Am 100 % satisfied with the ChessNoteR device, and use it several times a week in club play. Always show it anyone who is not familiar with it.”

Richard D.

New Mexico

“I play in several one day events each month which means a lot of game scores to enter before I can analyze them. With ChessNoteЯ I do not have to struggle with the unclear or mistaken moves from my scoresheet. I’ve always dreaded having to manually enter my games and if I fall behind by even just one event it’s really discouraging knowing I have eight or more games to try and enter. In one day events you tend to get into a time scramble almost every game. Having ChessNoteЯ lets me get more of the game recorded because my hand is already in the air after hitting my clock and with a touch of the finger I can enter the moves much quicker than trying to pick up a pen and scribble moves which there’s a good chance I won’t be able to read later.

The display is nice and clear and easier to enter moves and navigate than either of the two older and stagnate competitor products, MonRoi and PlyCounter which I’ve used. I need reading glasses to see up close clearly but the display is large enough for me to not need my glasses to enter moves correctly. Unlike the competitor products the maker of this application has been very responsive to questions and is clearly actively working to improve the product. I look forward to each update.”

Mark K.


“I just played my first major tournament. Being able to notate a game and have the game immediately available for review is just awesome. Reviewing how much time I took per move is super helpful as well. Love the support you show the community!”

Abdiel M.


“I have owned and used electronic scorekeeping devices for as long as they have been available, except the Monroi.  This includes the eNotate from Sevan Muradian which no longer is being produced since the passing of Sevan. I  also own and have used a PlyCounter device for about 2 years.  I did have the opportunity to use and work with a Monroi device when a local parent asked me to help his son by trying to fix what they thought was broken.

I now own and use a ChessNoteЯ.  I find this device to be the best device yet. The display is larger than all the others and the touch screen makes using it actually easier than the others which required a stylus.  Yes, there was a second version of the PlyCounter made that was touch usable, but it had flaws that forced the maker to pull the device from sales and to date it is still not available.

The uploading of the games to a computer is also easier than any of the previous models as well. Because there is no need for a stylus, move entry is the fastest possible.  And yes this is now faster then writing the moves in the shortest shorthand notation. All in all, I am very glad I bought this unit and plan on using it routinely for all my rated Chess games.”

Ron S.


“I have belonged to the USCF since 1965; I am left-handed (and slightly dyslexic). Despite decades of practice I still make several errors every game writing down my moves, reversing, for example, “c” and “f” or “6” and “3”. I do not make these mistakes using ChessNoteЯ.

Additionally, I have been using ChessNoteЯ with “quick” time controls (G/15 d0) with no noticeable effect on the time taken. I could never hope to do this with manual scorekeeping.”

Peter L.

New Mexico

“I am a player who didn’t like the idea of e-notational devices when the MonRoi first came out. However, after actually trying several devices I find that they are useful, they have a place, and they don’t increase the risk of cheating. For me, I like that I can easily and quickly get my games into ChessBase quickly after a tournament.

Additionally, I believe that ChessNoteR is clearly that best device so far.

I have used MonRoi, eNotate and Plycounter. The MonRoi screen is hard to see and the device is slow. eNotate is better with a VGA screen, and Plycounter is the smallest screen. The latter two can both be difficult if the room lighting glares on the screen.

ChessNoteR has a large bright screen. The board and pieces are also customizable. The device is very secure, and very easy to use during a game. Unlike some other devices, it also allows the user to create a tournament – so that the tournament information can be entered only once, not repeated for each game. It is easy to get the games off the device to ChessBase.

Because the screen is so large and clear, it also makes it easy for opponents to see that there is no cheating going on with the device. The device is obviously secure, but its still great for opponents to have confidence in the device.

I’m very happy with ChessNoteR.”

Kevin B.


“As both a player and a coach, I am extremely grateful to Black Mirror Studio and the ChessNoteR Team for the technological advancements their software and hardware solutions bring to the chess community. ChessNoteR improves the accuracy and efficiency of a tedious and error-prone notation process for kids and adults alike. I would highly recommend ChessNoteR equally to anyone just starting and someone has been playing for years.”

Patrick D.


“I’ve played in many chess tournaments over the last decade, and enjoyed them all. The one thing I haven’t enjoyed is taking notation. It stresses me, especially when the moves are banging out fast and furiously. And, when going over the game later, I have found that I’ve never notated every move correctly.

In the Duke City Open last month, I borrowed one of Black Mirror Studio’s ChessNoteЯ devices. I will never go to another tournament without one. They are easy to use and an incorrect move is immediately obvious and quickly corrected.

I’ve not considered a device before as they tend to be pricey. But I think the ChessNoteЯ is affordable, even if you play in only a couple of tournaments year.

Thanks for developing this, Black Mirror Studio!”

Mike H.

New Mexico

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