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by Z.T. on ChessNoteR
State: Rhode Island

I've been looking at option for electronic scoresheets for a while now, and out of the list of USCF approved electronic scorekeeping devices, ChessNoter has its competition beat by a mile.

* MonRoi - tiny screen, stylus-operated. Overall, just not a very user friendly design, and its technology simply did not keep up with modern times to justify its price.

* DGT Boards - For the folks fortunate enough to get their hands on one of these, I don't think many of them would like, or want to risk lugging around this giant $800+ chessboard when traveling to competitions.

* eNotate, Plycounter - not sure what happened to these guys, but they seem to have disappeared from the market.

I'm very happy with ChessNoter's intuitive design. Reviewing games are a breeze and gone are the days of keeping a box of old scoresheets stashed in your closet. Highly recommended.

by Aryan on ChessNoteR
State: Texas

ChessNoter is great! It is so much easier to keep track of games.

Really amazed with PGN + PDF and also the backup copy.

by Matthew on ChessNoteR
State: New York

We purchased two ChessNoters for our two children and we couldn't be happier with our decision. We can now focus on going over the games with our kids rather than getting frustrated with incorrect notations. The kids have used the ChessNoters at several USCF tournaments now and there has been no issues with using them. Joey Troy was super helpful in answering all our questions when we were thinking about purchasing these notation devices and the whole purchase experience was as smooth as it can be. You won't regret getting one of these!

by Matthew on ChessNoteR
State: New Jersey

Our family struggled to support a young chess enthusiast cope with writing down every move for later review; we sought a US Chess approved device to do so. The plycounter is no longer manufactured. Monroi’s Personal Chess Manager is seemingly never in stock and I remain skeptical of Monroi as a reputable firm as they did not return my telephone calls or email. I was not keen on purchasing a used device and the few approved devices that ever go up for sale in online market places contribute to high residual values. That left us with the ChessNoter. Initially hesitant, I purchased a new Nexus 6 and my ChessNoter license online. What an easy experience! The turn around time for the ChessNoter install was 1-day and we had the device back the same week. A detailed email came with helpful and clear “how to” YouTube videos, easy for our player to follow along. After 4 games of chess at home with the family, our young player had the ability and confidence to use the device at a tournament and record nearly all of their moves – success! We’ve not hesitated to recommend the ChessNoter to others. Joey Troy – well done!

by Lorna on ChessNoteR
State: New York

Both my sons now use their Noters in every tournament and love them. We used to struggle trying to make out their handwriting. That is now a thing of the past. Plus with the Noter you can check how long each move took and can upload onto the computer for storage. Customer support is also wonderful-the two times I had a question, I received an answer almost immediately and it was exactly what I needed to know. This is a game changer in chess for kids! I have recommended it to several parents already.

by D Pohl on ChessNoteR
State: New York

The Noter has changed the way our son has been able grow as a chess player. We don't have a private or team coach who can quicky look at a notation sheet, visualize the game and give him feedback. We used to try to recreate games on a board using his paper notation sheets, but the process was so slow and painful because there were usually inaccuracies. With the noter our son joins us after each tournament game and we can quickly debrief as we click through each move in visual form. We also download the txt versions of games and upload them to chess.com for an excellent computer analysis which names exactly where the mistakes and blunders (from both sides) were and which alternative moves could have been played.

by Drew S. on ChessNoteR
State: Texas

Excellent re-use of "outdated" phones, larger and easier to use than both MonRoi and PlyCount devices. Data format is non-proprietary (i.e. PGN), so that's another plus.

Great product support (not that it needs any, Joey is very fast in jumping on bugs and squashing them). As another computer geek, I was initially concerned about using what used to be a phone as a notation device, but after his mods, the device cannot do anything but take chess notation .

Finally, it is obvious that the application was designed by an actual tournament chess player!

Highly recommended!

by Roger B. on ChessNoteR
State: New Mexico

ChessNoter is great! It is so much easier to keep track of games. No more messy papers! Very reliable and so easy to use and great fore reviewing games. Highly recommended.

Thanks again!

by Stephen on ChessNoteR
State: Utah

I have played in tournaments since 1970 and I have always taken crappy notation. Not any more. I have owned them all. Monroe, Plycounter, etc etc. I like gadgets, I love chess. I even have the apps that failed to get approval on the iPhone. It isn't even close, ChessNoter is the BEST! Great battery life. Beautiful screen. ChessNoter also has the easiest way of getting games off the device into ChessBase. Everything about ChessNoter is first rate. ( Don't do this but I sent an email on a Sunday and got an answer back 10 minutes later.)

by Rick on ChessNoteR
State: New York

The ChessNoter has been amazing for my daughter. Rather than going between a book and the board, her concentration stays focused on the board thus leading to better play. The ability to instantly review games without a board is huge and the ability to upload the games is even more powerful. Joey and his team are equally as impressive with their communication and willingness to continuously look for new ways to improve the product.

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