What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“To the ChessNoteR Team:

Thank you for modernizing electronic chess notation! I purchased three ChessNoteRs for my daughters who play in USCF rated Over-The-Board (OTB) tournaments and we are all very happy with our chess investment. Other electronic chess notation devices resemble my Palm Pilot and iPAQ from the 1990s, while the ChessNoteR brilliantly takes advantage of today’s vastly superior smart mobile phone technology.

With access to free system updates, I was able to upgrade all our ChessNoteRs to the DropBox feature. The Dropbox feature allows me to wirelessly upload my daughters’ chess games in PGN format via WIFI and then immediately do computer analysis of their games using chess engines from my mobile phone or PC. The process from initiating a tournament on ChessNoteR, to notating games and then uploading the PGN files for analyzing the games is not only seamless but also intuitive. More amazingly, all this can be done quickly between rounds in OTB tournaments with no timely manual transcribing by exhausted kids.

My daughters who range in age from 8 to 13, are all proficient with their devices. There is no steep learning curve with the ChessNoteR, since the ChessNoteR GUI interface is so straightforward and logical. Plus, if there is something we are unsure about the ChessNoteR, your team probably already made a YouTube video explaining it. We did not know when we purchased the ChessNoteR that we would have free access to such comprehensive and helpful customer support too.

When my daughters are not uploading their chess games for computer analysis, they are likely reviewing chess games with their school’s chess coach. Given the inherent error prone nature from poor penmanship to inaccurately documenting moves under time pressure, my daughters are often needlessly anxious while reviewing games with their coach. It’s not fun to decipher notation let alone explain the logic of chess moves. Thankfully with the ChessNoteR, reviewing games is less wasted drudgery deciphering moves and more time spent analyzing them. And locating games to review in the Review Games and/or Opponent sections of the ChessNoteR is powerfully simple and quick too.

Finally, I must mention that my daughters really enjoy all the customization that comes with your product. Each daughter has chosen their own board colors and chess piece combination to take advantage of the excellent display of the Google Nexus 6 device. Pairing each device to a fashionable chess case has added a surprising fun accessory to their chess ensemble. My daughters love their ChessNoteRs!


Benjamin M.

New York

“My son is 8 years old. Even though his notation was 90% accurate, I was finding it hard to enter and review games efficiently because of errors and sometimes illegible writing. We used ChessNoteR for the last 5 tournaments and it has been a great help. You can basically have a game loaded into ChessBase or any engine for analysis within 2 minutes of your kid handing you his device. Great stuff. I’m recommending it to everyone who asks about it.”

David B.

New York

“As an avid OTB player for almost 50 years, I would say the ChessNoteR is probably the biggest single revelation to happen in the chess world since the time-delay chess clocks. Here are my reasons:

1) The technology is state-of-the-art. I agonized for years on whether to get the Monroi or Plycounter devices but found their screens much to small and the software clunky and not user-friendly. The Nexus 6 has a gorgeous 6″ full color LCD touchscreen which is great for older guys like me. No stylus needed, just use your finger!

2) Regarding the software, there really is no comparison to the competition. Ease of use in entering tournament data, recording time spent per move, choice of colors & pieces, creating a library of opponents are just a few of the terrific features of this software platform.

3) Joey is constantly updating the software and features per user requests and makes them available through easy WiFi downloading.

4) Customer service is outstanding! In my opinion, this is the most important aspect of owning the ChessNoteR device. Joey is quick to respond to questions and has a YouTube site which explains in detail all aspects of the product and software. Don’t understand something? Just shoot him an email and he’ll usually respond within 24 hours.”

Calvin H.


“Hi Joey,

I got my ChessNoteR today. I did the update to the new version and watched the videos. No problems everything is easy to follow and perfect. FYI, it interfaces perfectly with my ChessKing software. I just want to say that I have been using plycounter for three years plus and I really like it, but ChessNoteR is light years ahead. Everything is top notch. Just beautiful graphics, options, menus, functionality, support videos, etc. I could not be more amazed. I predict that you are going to live a very long, happy, and prosperous life! When I see you across the board it will be an honor. Your opponent’s will know the quality of your character and the depth of your intellect long before you make your first move. You are a genius.

Best regards always,”

Greg S.

New Mexico

“Best score keeping device ever. I’ve played tournaments for over 45 years and if I have 20 score sheets I can actually read, I would be shocked. Using a PlyCounter was an amazing improvement. Switching from the PlyCounter to the ChessNoteR was like going from a desktop with a 80386 processor with a monochrome monitor to one with a Pentium chip and a color monitor. Fantastic customer support. Shockingly quick turnaround after sending in the Nexus phone.”

Stewart K.


” I bought a plycounter for my 8 year old son a couple of years ago, It worked great till it stopped working as we were getting ready for the very first round of the state championship round. He was very upset about it. Tried everything and could not fix it. That is when someone mentioned about ChessNoteR. Got a used Nexus phone and shipped it to Black Mirror Studio and they installed the app and converted it to a chess notation device. Everything happened in a jiffy. It cost me the same as the plycounter.

It is the best device and the best gift my son could hope for. He really likes it. It has many features which are not in the plycounter. Customer service has been great with very quick response for all your questions. The updates with enhancements are great. Since it is on a Google Nexus phone it is on a much better hardware than the plycounter.

So far my son is loving it. I highly recommend this for anyone who is interested in improving their kids or their notations and thereby eliminating the time coach spends on recreating the game. Two thumbs up for the device.”

Premnarasu S.

North Carolina

“I am really pleased with the ChessNoter. It is nicely packaged and works great. I especially appreciated the personalized manner in which you handled the orders for my son and I.

We have installed two updates without a hitch and appreciate good customer service.

I have poor vision and it is very difficult to see the position on the chess board and write down the moves. So while I acquired the ChessNoteR primarily to record games, I found myself constantly checking and referring to my position on the ChessNoteR screen! What a boon for the low vision player! It may help some low vision players come back to the chess board to play chess! It would be fantastic to have a “low vision ChessNoteR” installed on an iPad size device!

I wish you the best in your endeavors and thank you for making it possible for me to play chess over board again.”

John P.