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by Bob Lenning on ChessNoteR
State: Kentucky

I love my ChessNoteR! Much faster, much more accurate, easy to review games or email scores to myself after the game. And Joey has been very responsive with my questions. I'd highly recommend it.

by Larry Bell on ChessNoteR
State: Kentucky

I love my ChessNoter!! It has made notating, review of games and analysis much simpler.

by Nebu George on ChessNoteR
State: KY

I am impressed by the ingenuity of this product. Joey has done a great job in addressing the common and bothering issues with handling notation files, their portability (e-mail, file transfer in all relevant formats), software upgrades etc. A much faster learning curve for those who are used to writing down notations. It is a stable product and value for money invested. I would recommend this product to anyone who really wants to make a good investment to keep track of games to evolve as a player, and if you are serious about it. Thanks Joey for the product.

by David Anthopoulos on ChessNoteR
State: California

My son loves it. It's so fast and convenient that he can quickly record his moves even in time trouble. No more lost moves at the end of games!

Since his name, rating and the name of the event are already loaded in advance, everything is quicker and easier.

And of course, the recorded games are also ready right away for computer analysis.

Wonderful product, well designed, with great online support from its creator, Joey.

by SG on ChessNoteR
State: tx

Great device. This device pushed my daughter from 600 to 1500 rating.

by Varada on ChessNoteR
State: TX

My son is using chessnoter for last couple of weeks. This is an awesome device. No incorrect notations anymore. The dropbox integration is a good feature, which exports the pdf notation and the pgn version of each game recorded.

by Robert Colucci on ChessNoteR
State: Pennsylvania

I’m playing the World Open in Philadelphia (6 day schedule) and used the Chessnoter for the first time in the heat of USCF battle. It works so great! And I want to share some helpful positives that you might consider:

+ No concentration lost from the actual game

+ No inconvenience of dealing with scorebook or scoresheet which takes up a lot of space on the table.

+ I actually found myself analyzing MORE on the Chessnoter than the actual board! Here’s why:

1.It’s smaller and easier to see the whole situation.

2.It’s also like internet chess (e.g. chess.com) on your smart phone so it’s very “comfortable” that way.

3.It’s easier to conceal “tells” from your opponent because he can’t see your face when looking down.

+ The signature part at the end of the game is less awkward (Chessnoter reminds you, and very easy to hand Chessnoter to opponent to sign).

Overall I couldn’t be more delighted with ChessnoteR!

Thanks Joey!

Sincerely, Robert Colucci

by Russ on ChessNoteR
State: Michigan

The device is awesome and a pleasure to use,easy to use and understand looking forward to using it in my upcoming tournament.

by Glenn Downing on ChessNoteR
State: Texas

Great product, and Joey has been incredibly helpful and patient, too!!!

by Aneel on ChessNoteR
State: TX

I had issue with setting up drpbox and called Joey. Joey very patiently was on call with me until the issue was solved.

Thank You Joey

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