Frequently Asked Questions

Are you US Chess or FIDE Certified?

US Chess Federation
Certified by the US Chess Federation on 12/18/2017

FIDE: World Chess Federation
We are currently not certified by FIDE

  • 2/28/18: Opened communication with FIDE on certification process
  • 5/12/18: FIDE looked over our manual, website and videos during TEC conference
  • 6/23/18: Updated ChessNoteR to version 2.1.1 to meet all rules of FIDE based on TEC conference findings
  • 7/7/18: FIDE TEC has accepted to view ChessNoteR
  • 7/9/18: Shipping ChessNoteR devices to FIDE TEC
  • 9/27/18: ChessNoteR device was introduced to TEC at Batumi GEO
What is your refund policy?

We offer no-questions-asked refunds to all customers within 30 days of your purchase. There is a 30% restocking fee and you will need to send your Nexus device back to us so we can wipe the software off your Nexus and load it back to the stock Google Operating System.

Which devices do you support?

We currently support the Nexus 6 (2014) device. We have more information on our Nexus Deals page.

How do I transfer files from the device on my Apple computer?

Android has released drivers you will need to install so you can copy the contents of your games files to your Apple computer. More information can be found here

How do upgrades work?

Based on user feedback we will make necessary changes to the software. To date, we have implemented several user suggestions such as the ability to change the color of the highlighted square, or the ability to scroll through the moves in Tournament mode. We design our software for you, so your suggestions are always appreciated!

How long does the battery last?

It all depends on the brightness level you use during the tournament. We have seen roughly 8-15% drain during a two day tournament with G90 with a 5 second delay. During a two day G90 with a 30 second delay it was about 15-20% drain. If you are running low, the operating system will automatically activate the battery saving mode as well. One thing to note about the Motorola Nexus is it has a very large 3220mAh battery. Motorola claims you can get 6 hours of charge time in 15 minutes or 8 hours of charge time in 15 minutes with the turbo charger.

Nexus 6 Delivers 6 Hours of Battery Life With 15 Minutes of Charging: Google

if you are concerned about battery life, you can always purchase an external battery pack from places like Amazon, Wal-Mart, Best Buy or eBay.

Are there any requirements for buying an unlocked or rooted Nexus 6 device?

Carrier unlocked or rooted Nexus 6 does not matter. As long as the Nexus 6 is in proper working order it will work with our software suite.

I dropped my Nexus and it doesn't work, what do I do now?

We are not in the hardware business so we cannot assist with physical repairs on your Nexus device. In the event your device breaks and is replaceable through a warranty, or you need to buy a new Nexus 6 you will simply need to purchase a new license through our website and send us back your new device so we can load the software. Before purchase please contact us for a coupon code. All returning customers will get 10% off their order.

I’m concerned that this device is a phone.

As we all know US Chess does not allow the use of cell phones in tournament play. Based on that we simply disabled all parts of the phone which are not needed and US Chess certified our device on December 18th, 2017. Even though the device is using a Motorola Nexus 6 cell phone we have disabled all hardware not needed and software from the operating system. Here is a list of disabled hardware:

  • CDMA/GSM Cell Phone Radio
  • Camera / GPS / NFC / Bluetooth / Audio
  • Volume Control buttons are now Brightness Control buttons

In terms of software there are no applications on the device except ChessNoteЯ, a customized Settings application, and a Launcher. The system is completely locked down and secured. Developer Options and the 3rd party installer options have both been disabled. We have also added security controls so a customer will be unable to unlock the device using ‘fastboot oem unlock’. We have taken extreme measures so users cannot cheat, install 3rd party applications, or reverse engineer our application suite along with our custom Android operating system.

How do I remove your OS and go back to stock Android?

You don’t. We have created a safeguard on all our device software that does not allow anyone to unlock the bootloader. This was created to harden the operating system so these devices cannot be used to cheat during tournament play. In the event you want to take your device back to stock Android, and you are outside of your 30 day purchase window, there will be a charge of $39.99 plus shipping and handling for this service. Please use our contact form to get in touch with us for this service.

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